To a Trump Free Press



Trump’s attacks on the media, and press freedom are unprecedented, however he might misspell it, and certainly un-presidential.

Trump dishonest

He and his cohorts want to censor the Press, with gagging orders on US government departments and his lackeys saying we should all “shut up”.

Trump Bannon NYT

But what if we censor him?

How about a Trump Free Press, just for one day?

Just for one day Trump and his charlatans are disappeared.

Such a campaign, well structured, could not only present Trump with a highly visible response to his narcissism, but also serve to tell the wider public that the press is reputable, representative and remains the challenger of the political and powerful.

Of course, his distorted interpretation will, in his mind, be presented as victory. But say we ignore that messaging, minimalizing coverage of his outrage to a sidebar? What if, rather than simply report his outrage, we humorously just take the piss?

Confronting Trump as a universal body, is the only way that, we, the world’s news media can confirm our credentials and value, among societies that are as disillusioned with the news media as they are with politics.

Ironically, we, the media gave Trump the oxygen, that brought him to power. Now we have a responsibility to suffocate him.

Let’s find just one day when the world diminishes him to the place he deserves. Obscurity.

BTW: In Scotland, from where Trump boasts his origins, the word trump means fart.


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