Jim says: “The problem with realising the future is that there are no case-studies.

Over the last twenty plus years, Jim has advised many of the world’s leading news media organisations on business development in both product and practice.

His work in over 40 countries combined with extensive research and reporting of potential future scenarios and opportunities, has provided scores of publishers with a strategic edge within their own contexts.

“That doesn’t mean that future strategies can’t draw from experience, but the most successful new products are those that exploit new and anticipated developments in the three components of media – content, markets, technology – to deliver a unique experience that did not exist before”

Thee media compents pixToday Jim’s consulting work focuses on a discrete number of clients, with track records in innovation and growth. He draws on extensive global experience and knowledge, to deliver analytically-based solutions.

Many of Jim’s clients have been working with him for over 15 years, mostly outside the UK.

They say: “There is perhaps no one in the world who has a more global perspective about the challenges facing online and newsprint editions. Chisholm thinks that newspapers are facing major problems but can survive — provided that they are realistic about what must be done to solve those problems.”  Online Journalism Review