Piers Morgan joins Mail Online as US Editor-at-large

Piers joining Mail Online is both hilarious and instructive. It would be easy, and wrong to conclude that this is a step down, but in fact it reflects the astonishing performance of Mail Online in the USA and around the world. Today, Mail-Online  is read by over 17% of US internet users, making it the third most popular news medium in the USA, following the New York Times and Tribune Group, and well ahead of the Washington Post, or Hearst.

But, as interesting, is the fact that with The Guardian and Telegraph, UK newspapers account for 25% of the top ten US titles’ gross audience, 16% of visits and 14% of all page-views.

Heart-warming indeed. But to be an observer at the meeting when the ego’s of Piers, and his now boss, Martin Clarke collide, would be the spectacle of… well at least… that afternoon.