The News Media Industry is living in exciting times both in social connection, and business transformation. Many traditional publishers and new entrants are seeing a new wave of success. The question is how to surf the wave.

Surfing the wave

Jim Chisholm has spent twenty years in forty countries with over 100 clients examining and delivering the difference between industry leaders from the average for many of the world’s largest to smallest media organisations.

This is backed up by rigorous analysis of every aspect of the industry from high level econometrics to detailed benchmarks of company performance.

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CHISHOLM works independently, but within a network of world leading industry experts, who collectively can deliver world class solutions across every strategic and commercial aspect of the news media industry.

They say:

“There may be someone on God’s green earth who knows more than Jim Chisholm about what newspapers around the world are doing to reinvent themselves, grow readership and increase revenue, but currently, no one has identified that person.”

Briefing to the Board of the Newspaper Association of America