Jim is a thought leader regarding the evolving role of News and Media in our rapidly changing society.

He advises many of the world’s leading news media organisations on strategy and execution in a rapidly changing environment.

Jim’s uniquely deep analysis of markets and their interface with the realities of day-to-day publishing, is backed by nearly forty years of experience in the world of News.

The Newspaper Association of America once stated:

“There may be someone on God’s green earth who knows more than Jim Chisholm about what newspapers around the world are doing to reinvent themselves, grow readership and increase revenue, but currently, no one has identified that person.”

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Jim has worked for over 20 years in 40 countries for around 150 organisations, He has delivered over 300 presentations and written and researched innumerable strategic reports and press articles on news industry issues.

His recent work in nature of the relationship between news generators and society has revealed a significant gap between current supply and consumer needs and demand. The digital age has moved on from a period of transformation into one of incremental evolution. But in reality, Jim believes, a second revolution is required whether forced, or anticipated to meet the needs of tomorrow’s society.